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Yaksa in 2006

Formed under the name Nevermind in Si Chuan in 1995 by Hu Song (Vocals), Wang Yue (Bass), Li Yu Chuan (Guitar) and Liao Xiang (Drums), the band changed their name into Yaksa and moved to Beijing in March 1997. At the end of 1998, the following lineup was fixed: Hu Song on vocals, Jiang Jie on guitars, Wang Yue on bass and Chi Gong Wei on the drums.

Yaksa became more and more involved in the underground scene of Beijing until at the end of 1999, it stood out as the representative hardcore band of Beijing. Moving further ahead they become known as legends in regard of rapcore music and joined the metalcore movement in 2005/2006. With two released cds, an EP, numerous contributions to compilations and hundreds of gigs as well as festival appearances, Yaksa is definitely a must-hear band.

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