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SMZB, 2006

SMZB is one of the first punk bands in China and still very active since their founding in 1997 in Wuhan. Wuhan has a very big and alive punk scene. SMZB can also often be seen in -not so far- Shanghai.

At first, SMZB had only 3 members and played in some underground places for a long time. The band has experienced several member changes, but by the end of 2002 they became the 4-member band they are now. The music style of SMZB has changed a lot as well along with their changing members. After all they now have their own certain style.

"We will continue to produce our music, and definitely will do better than now... We will keep trying and trying, no matter what will happen to us, happen to u, and happen to this world... We won't loose faith in ourselves. A lot of thanks to everyone who supports SMZB."

SMZB will be on tour again throughout Europe from end of March to May 2007 (link).

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