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HangGai by Yiren Katoshi, August 27th, 2005 in Shanghai

HangGai, an ancient Mongol word. The meaning is, one place has the blue sky , white cloud , grassland , river , mountain and woods. HangGai bang is made up of 5 young musicians form different areas of China; it is a band that throws oneself into the Mongolian music.

Former by a former member of T9, HangGai merges and develops the traditional music from different areas of Mongolia and thereby the music of Hanggai band is changing direction in the oldest form from the most modern form. For Hanggai band, through go in for rock music and underground culture for a long timing, there is no difference between these two forms. "Do the Mongolians growing up in city miss their grassland?" In fact, this question belongs to all contemporary, those children beginning to miss the root.

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