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Spring Autumn in 2006

The name Spring & Autumn (Chunqiu) refers to the period of Chinese history lasting from 771 BC to 551 BC - a time plagued by political upheaval and internecine warfare, but also an era of tremendous development in China's philosophical traditions.

In 1998, while still a member of Tang Dynasty and on tour in Kunming, Yunnan province, Kaiser Kuo met guitarist/singer Yang Meng, who was then fronting a band called Seventh Day. During an all-night jam session the two found they had very similar ideas about blending Chinese music and western Heavy Metal.

In 1999, Seventh Day moved to Beijing, but split up shortly afterward, with some members leaving to form AK 47. in late 2000, Yang sought out Kuo, who had left Tang Dynasty in 1999 and was working as editor-in-chief at an Internet company. Initially hesitant, Kuo was convinced by Yang's passion and vision, and agreed to form a band. Yang brought in guitarist Kou Zhengyu of the band Suffocated as well as original Seventh Day drummer Ou Jianyun (now drummer of Mountain Men - Shan Ren). Kou, in turn, recruited bassist Li Bo. Diao Lei replaced Ou in the fall of 2003, and in 2004 the band added keyboardist Li Meng.

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