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Tookoo, China's first Emo Rock band based in Beijing

Formed in the year of 1999, TooKoo has gained valuable experience and popularity from numbers of concerts and live performances throughout the years.

Until now TooKoo has released a total of 6 albums and EPs as well as numerous contributions to compilations. In May 2002 they've played their first Midi Music Festival with more appearances to follow in 2003 and 2006. They have also played many other festivals like the Li Jiang Snow Mountain Music Festival in July 2002, the "Who is Singing in Spring" and the "Chaoyang Pop Music Festival" in 2004 in Beijing to name a few.

Additionally TooKoo did several extensive tours throughout China in 2002 and with their "EMO Revolution Tour of China" in December 2004.

In January 2005, Newspaper Beijing Today published an article named "Emo China a New Rock Trend" about TooKoo. In July of 2006 TooKoo has just released a new Demo EP called Dance For Yourself.

The band members have an average age of 24. TooKoo band has been spreading a perfect combination genre of Punk, Emo, and Hardcore to the audiences.

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