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Overload in 1993

In September 1991 when main songwriter and guitarist Gao Qi left his former hard rock band The Breathing, he found a new band Overload together with Han Hongbin on Guitars and Zhao Muyang on the drums, on the four-strings was Wang Xiaozhong, who became bassplayer of later famous rock band Zeropoint (LING DIAN). Mastermind Gao Qi was the main songwriter of all the hits this band had and let his fave for metal guitaring flow into the songs. Before they came to release the only album, Gaoqi decided to leave because of personal and musical differences. His talent for writing catchy and emotional melodies shall bring another band to Chinas Olymp of Rock.

OVERLOAD was one of the most important bands in the Rock history of China. Their early days acting influenced most of the Chinese metal and hard rock fans. Maybe they would even write Chinas Rock history anew if they can make it to release another record like their debut in the golden age of rock before 1994. Maybe they also will consider to return to their metal rules when Chinas heavy metal becomes a new force in 10 years?

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