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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


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The Agency is a Electro Indie artist , originally from France.

General information about The Agency


English Name The Agency
Genre Electro Indie
Origin France


The Agency来自欧陆文化之都法国巴黎,是一个由三名80后的年轻人组成的新兴独立流行电子乐团。乐队成立后,曾在2009年录制过一张同名小专辑《The Agency》。但是他们很快发现,对自我世界的探索已经变得不合时宜, 他们渴望飞离长久以来的庇护所,而在此之前,他们必须学会必要的“飞翔技能”。当然,这并不是一件容易的事,他们需要超越前人,并与同辈竞争(对于这个决定,有人说他们简直‘不可理喻’)。在他们面前的,是寒冷如冬日的残酷世界。面对冰封的大地,The Agency决定首先闭门求生,锤炼自我。

在经历过充满追逐、阴谋和相互蚕食的竞争之后,除了那些拥有自知之明的个体,鲜有人能够幸存下来。而重新投入战场的The Agency,就是这样的幸存者。在伟大的预言家Dombrance(乐队)的影响下,The Agency用他们飘如滑伞的动人音乐,封住了那些虚有其表的人和严苛评论人的质疑。

2011年,他们终于迎来再次出击的时刻。The Agency投入了全部心力来制作乐队的首张正式录音专辑:《Somnographe》,并于2011年11月在A Quick One Records发行并立刻受到音乐界的好评和鼓励:“The Agency既是顶级神童也是一个被窗外繁华所分心的孩子”。不同于先前的外部探索,这次,乐队借用尖端制作人手中那把巨大的时钟扳手,把时间往回拨,尽可能地消除过程中暗藏的虚假,克服了心魔以及流行乐镣铐的束缚。此外,该专辑的限量黑胶版也将于不久问世,乐队也将踏上巡演的旅途。

Speleology being quite inappropriate in this particular case, The Agency thought that an improvement of its flying skills was necessary, before jumping out of the maternal pocket. Of course, the operation wasnít a success for everyone. They had to leave the eldest behind, along with the animals built for the occasion ( they had been declared ´ unrepairable ª by the ones who mastered language). It was a murderous winter below the world. Because of the frozen and infertile lands, The Agency decided-behind closed doors- to cannibalize itself.

After the hunts, the planned pursuits and other family feasts, nobody remained, but the ones who could actually see themselves. Previously monster make-up men and screen tamers, The Agency required assistance from the great meteorology counsellor Dombrance, to spur the parascending songs brought back from the pocket.

Ready to rent the most disgraceful divinities to endure the second jump ñ and we should call this one a first album- The Agency is now digging backwards, determined to measure its lies, ghost greenhouses and pop shackles, with the gigantic clock keys, held by the apex ancestors.

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