The Chinos

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The Chinos

The Chinos, 基诺 jī nuò, indie / rock from Wuhan


Line Up

  • Vocals - Xie Xin (谢欣)
  • Guitars - Hu (胡坤)
  • Bass - Zhang Yi (张裔)


“The Chinos” is a rock band from Wuhan, Hubei Province.

In the mid of 2002, Xiexin and his cousin Hukun established a band with a few friends just for fun and rehearsed songs from their favorite bands (most British ones) like Radiohead and Blur. By the end of 2004, Hukun met Zhangyi who was in the same college and happened to have similar tastes with him, and then they found a friend to play as the drummer and built a band called “Static Slide” (the previous of “The Chinos”) and began to try to work out their own songs independently. So their music at that time, naturally inherited most British inspirits and characteristics of bands in England. Though the members consistently changed since then, the band had completed its first batch of works which won them widespread acclaims and attentions. In the meanwhile, the band started to join in several gigs in Wuhan.

At the beginning of 2006, the early works of the band were found through internet and music magazines in small range, and gradually caught the attentions from fans and labels national wide. However, instead of rushing to sign a contract with any record company, the band attempted to get rid of certain over-stubborn bias on music during their early days and wanted to put music back into more ordinary status compared to the past. Therefore, sweet-sounding tunes and touching lyrics became their most typical representatives. In the end of 2006, the band chose Mrmiss, a young yet promising Chinese Indie label to be the first record company with whom they signed a contract. The final form of the band was defined as the earliest basic one: Xiexin (vocal), Hukun (guitar), and Zhangyi (bass), and simultaneously change the band’s name into the stronger one as “The Chinos”, with hopes that a brand new voyage can be started.

In early 2007, with the full cooperation of its producer Wutao (ex-guitar of Dada, also comes from Wuhan), “The Chinos” accomplished the whole recording section of its debut album. And after one year’s post-production, the debut album of “The Chinos” named “Good Bye! Victoria” was released in April, 2008.


"Good bye! Victoria" (再见!维多利亚 at Mrmiss Records 先生小姐唱片, MM002, 2006)

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