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The FLYX at D-22 on July 30, 2009

The FLYX, Beijing street punk rock band



Lead Singer / Rhythm Guitar: Luo Pan (罗磐)

Lead Guitar: Cao Shuai (曹帅)

Bass: Xu Liwei (许立巍)

Drums: Yu Haibo (于海波)

Former Members

Guitar: Feng


Classic street punk with abrasive vocals and gritty riffs. One of Beijing’s most prolific, dedicated and hardest working bands—lead guitarist Cao Shuai plays double duty with fellow punks Cold Case, while singer Luo Pan held his wedding party at D-22 this past April—the quartet is known to incorporate the occasional Anti Flag cover, as well as the crowd, into their jet-propelled sets. - We Live in Beijing


Luo and Yu were friends and formed the band a year ago with Xu in 2008, who they found through an online ad for a bass player. They were friends with Cao, who used to play lead guitar in Cold Case, another punk band they are friends with. This line-up with Luo, Cao, Xu and Yu has been playing together since April 2009.

The name FLYX stands for the first letter of their initials. Luo, Yu, and Xu. Feng, who was the “F”, has since left the band for personal reasons.

They claim Anti-Flag as their main influence, both in terms of their sound and ideology.

2008/12/11 - 北京D22酒吧

2008/12/14 - 新豪运酒吧 魔罨文化 塔罗奥义12月14 PUNK首演

2008/12/23 - 北京UGWS CLUB

2008/12/31 - 北京UGES酒吧

2009/1/3 - 北京D22酒吧

2009/1/7 - 北京D22酒吧 基地文化系列演出

2009/1/14 - MAO livehouse 过失专场!嘉宾之一!

2009/2/6 - 北京D22酒吧

2009/2/20 - 北京D22酒吧

2009/03/12 - D22 返校大party!!

2009/03/18 - D22 高校摇滚夜

2009/04/02 - D22

2009/04/09 - D22 基地造音

2009/04/18 - D22 大学生之夜

2009/04/26 - D22 wedding party



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