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The Frogs


The Frogs are three fine young lads from South China, fresh and dynamic this trio may be seen as the Chinese answer to Green Day with a typical Chinese charm. Certainly, heart felt communication of music ideals is the solid foundation of this very formation. Vocalist Peng Jun’s keen instinct for music, guitar player Yang Shiyun’s exquisite technical skills, but also bass player Du Po’s funky rhythm patterns complemented them to each other into one force, leading The Frogs’ music into a both dynamic and catchy form.

In February 2002 they released their debuting self titled record album <The Frogs>.

To the break of 2002, their first single<On the fields of Hope> entered the nation wide “China Pop Song Charts” of Beijing Music Radio for 13 weeks with the best position on #2. The same song made it to climb up the “Sprite – My choice of Chinese Original Music Pop Charts“ onto number 1 for the fourth and fifth week and became a striking hit of that time. Feb. 2002, due to the invitation of Tianjin TV they participated on the “Tianjin TV Chinese New Years Celebration Show” which assured their status as a break through rock band of the nation. 2002 March 29th, they won the year-summing-up award for the title “Masters of the future” at the 9th Beijing Radio China Pop Song Charts – Annual Awards Event.

On April 13th they received another award entitle the “Remarkable Newcomers”, given at the “Sprite – My choice of Chinese Original Music Pop Charts – Annual Awards Event“in Shanghai. Their 2nd single <Place of Loving> also entered the “China Pop Song Charts” of Beijing Music Radio for 14 weeks with weeks remaining within the top-five positions, it hit the #1 position on the 268th charts announce. <Place of Loving>’s #1 hit occurred on the 13th week of “Sprite – My choice of Chinese Original Music Pop Charts”, and also on the 23rd and 25th charts announce of the “Fascinating Music Charts” where for that song got the award of the “golden top ten hit” of the fist quarter of 2002, <Place of Loving>’s #1 on the “China Pop Song Charts” happened on the 13th week.

Both <On the fields of Hope> and <Place of Loving> even remained in the Charts for 3 weeks in the same time which renewed the best record for new comer bands of recent years. Since March 2002 nearly all main-stream news press started to print up head-line stories and reports about The Frogs, they also did a college tour through all the well know universities in Beijing until June and participated in many show-casting on local TV Stations thru out the nation, such as BeijingTV’s “Global Music” and “Songs of Commonweal live competition”, JiangsuTV’s “Fame no shame”, LiaoningTV’s “Heartbeat Date”, HebeiTV’s “Music online” etc. The Frogs opened for the national basket ball games CUBA in May in Wenzhou, did a Fan-Meeting-Gig in Liaoning on the 5th of September and performed on the “Sprite Charts”-Festival in Xin’An on the 20th of the same month.

The following year 2003 began with some other awards, on the 17th of January The Frogs got the “Best Newcomer Band” award on the 10th Beijing Music Radio China Pop Song Charts Award Event, also the single <Place of Loving> received the “Golden Song of the Year” Prize and was there for included onto the <China Song Charts – 10 Years of Glory> compilation album. Another award followed at the end of the year on the 20th of December, honored by China Light Music Society for the “Best male Rock Vocalist” on the 1st Society Award Event.

The 2nd album <A New Miracle> was released in June 2004; the same titled Single took the #1 position on the Sprite – My choice of Chinese Original Music Pop Charts“in the 3rd week. After that, both singles <A New Miracle> and <Lonely> could make it on to hit the tops of all national music charts. A nation wide tour to promote the new album began in May and went successfully over dozens of cities incl. Chengdu, Chongqing, Ulumuqi, Wuhan etc.

January 2005 <A New Miracle> was honoured again on the 12th “Beijing Music Radio China Song Charts” with the “Top 15 Golden Hits” Prize. The band participated on the “ Song Charts – national huge tour” which took 2 months to perform in over 30 cities. They also played on the “100 years of Chinese Films Anniversary Event” organized by CCTV.


  • The Frogs <The Frogs> (2002)
  • The Frogs <A New Miracle> (2004)