The Law of Silence 2010

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The Law of Silence 2010 by the ETC Group (BE/FR/UK/USA) and Wangba Records

Mixing Paris-Beijing : The Law Of Silence

Artistic residency & audio-visual performances in Beijing, China

Supported by the French Embassy in China and L'Alliance Française of Beijing.

Coordinated by Wangba Records

April 16th - May 7th


DFF (USA) - Sheet metal
Li Tieqiao (CN) - Saxophone
Wu Fei (CN) - Guzheng, Vocals
Xiao He (CN) - Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Yan Jun (CN) - Sound experimentations
JACQUES FOSCHIA (BE) - Clarinet, Radio waves
ANTHONY CARCONE (UK) - Prepared guitar, CD turntables
PIERRE MANSIRE (FR) - Visual compositions, Action lighting

General Information

(Et Toutes les autres Choses)

The ETC group will premiere “Mixing Paris” in China from April 12th to May 8th. The project is a live performance consisting of collected sounds that define the French capital’s identity. The urban elements, the ubiquitous sounds of everyday life define the town: words, rough sounds, drivers, pedestrians, squeaks, whistles, metallic sounds ... On this occasion, Chinese musicians will be invited to interact with ETC and their “outsiders” sounds. The two shows in Beijing, as part of the Croisements Festival, will also concentrate on local Chinese sounds. The artists gathering on stage invite us all to rediscover the sound environment in which we live but also constitutes us as individuals. The project will begin with a residence in the Chinese capital and will then continue throughout China: the group will participate in the Mini Midi Festival, this year’s edition will travel and collaborate with local artists in China ...

Address: Xuan Wu Men Station, Line 2 : Exit A, Line 4 : Exit E 宣武门地铁站西北,二号线:A出口,四号线:E出
Time: 2010.4.23 - 8pm
Ticket: 80rmb / 50rmb (Students)
Reservation (136 seats):
Special guests: Li Tieqiao 李铁桥, Xiao He 小河

Address: Dashanzi 798 Art District, No.4 Entrance 大山子
Time: 2010.4.24 - 4pm
Ticket: 50rmb
Reservation (100 seats):
Special guests: Wu Fei 吴非, Yan Jun 颜峻