The Linga

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The Linga
The Linga

Background Information
Name (English) The Linga
Name (Chn.) 林伽 / Lín Gā
Origin Beijing
Genre funky emo / indie rock
Years active 2006
Vocals + Guitars: 刘可 Liu Ke The Believers

Bass: 李洋 Li Yang Demerit

Drums: 关铮 Guan Zheng The Believers

DJ: 张磊 Zhang Lei

Rap: 鸥子 Ouzi (CMCB)

Former members
Guitar: Yin Di (Surprise, ex-Suffocated)



Formed in October 2006 by The Believers's bass player Liu Ke and Drummer Guan Zheng, The Linga was heavily influenced by The Clash. Soon Demerit vocalist Li Yang joint in as bass player. At first they located their music style as indie rock and punk revival with hip-hop. A six-song demo "Love The Linga" (《情迷林伽》) was recorded in Januar 2007, that's when DJ Zhang Lei and CMCB rapper Ouzi joint in. In April 2007 the band had signed with Chinese rock label Scream Records. Then the band played several shows in major festivals throughout the PRC such as Midi Music Festival, ROCK-IT and Beijing Modern Sky Festival 2007. In October 2007, the band relocated their music style and band members. Soon they recorded their second demo.

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