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The Power Powder (大粉) is a four-piece rock group that plays with a classic rock feel.


The Power Powder is a Blues Rock / Classic Rock artist , originally from Beijing.

General information about The Power Powder


The Power Powder, 2011, photo (c) The Powder Powder Douban

English Name The Power Powder
Chinese Name 大粉 / dàfěn
Genre Blues Rock / Classic Rock
Origin Beijing
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Band members

Vocals: Feifei 飛飛

Guitars: Xiaomeng aka Master Yang 骁勐 (杨大师)

Lead Guitar: Li Yong 李勇

Bass: Jiang Weiming 姜伟明

Drums: Qu Yabin aka Lao Ding 屈亚彬 (老丁)

Former band members


"The power of powder is infinite" -- 粉末的力量是无穷的[1]
Based in Beijing, The Power Powder presents "the new power" of the classic british Rock music. The Energie of the quintet comes from their love of classic, back-to-the-roots-Rock, especially those of the Early '60s. Bluesy meoldie,poetic lyrics,and the born-to-rock-attitude make their music floating like a river full of fantasies[2]
In retrospect, it might have been a genius idea to have a blues rock band handle the transition between bad ass metal and funky Ska and that’s what this little band did: The Power Powder Now, this is sure gonna show my bias as a month ago, I ripped Emitter for winning the Beijing leg of Tiger Battle of the bands while being nothing more than a glorified copycat of AC/DC… and here I am praising a band that is pretty much sounding like the bastard Asian kid of the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. Sue me… See, The Power Powder didn’t bastardize a bunch of songs and call them their own. They actually did a really cool job putting on a show for the dozen folks out there and displayed excellent musicianship in my book. A little quick trip to their douban shows different band members so I’m not really sure what’s up with that but the lineup that showed up friday night at 2 Kolegas had me sold. The young guitar player was having fun and showing feelings which is not something you see often in this town. The girl had a funky voice and played a mean cowbell. The frontman had a Jagger meets Richards swagger about him. [3]

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