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The Reason is a Emo Rock artist , originally from Beijing.

General information about The Reason

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The Reason in 2007

English Name The Reason
Genre Emo Rock
Origin Beijing
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Band members

Vocal:Chang 阿菖
Guitar:Ya Lun 伦子
Guitar/Vocal:Liu Jia (Tookoo) 老刘
Bass:Yang 大洋
Drum:Long 小龙
Keyboard:Xiao Bo 小博

Former band members


Formed in March 2006 with the lineup of Liu Jia on vocals and guitars, Da Yang 大洋 on the bass and Xiao Long 小龙, also member of Sweet Bread, behind the drumkit. In April 伦子 joins on the guitars. In May, 悟空 joins as additional vocalist. On June 27th, they performed in the Namesless Highland. In July 小博 joins on the keyboards, so that the lineup consisted of keyboard:小博, Guitar / Vocal:老刘, Vocals: 悟空, Guitar:伦子, Bass:大洋, Drum:小龙. October 7th, they performed in the Nameless Highland together with Korean band suck stuff. October 29th, they performed in the New Get Lucky. November 12th, they performed in the Get Lucky Bar. November 27th, they performed at the Capital University of Trade. December 9th, they rocked the Nameless Highland.

January 1st, 2007, they rocked the 酷楽唱片店. January 19th, they performed at the 13 Club. January 20th, they performed in the 合炫音楽工廠. January 26th, they performed in the Nameless Highland. At the same day, they also appeared in the D-22. February 23rd, they performed in the D-22. March 31st, they performed in the 酷楽唱片店 for the 向NOFX致敬主題 concert. April 7th, they performed in the New Get Lucky. On April 10th, Pan Chen joined as DJ and keyboards. April 14th, they rocked the D-22 for the 以噪音的名義...... 向音速青年(SONIC YOUTH)致敬 concert. April 22nd, they performed on a square at Beijing's Zhongguangcun. Thesame day they also performed on the 3.3服飾大厦 square in Sanlitun. May 4th, they performed in the Get Lucky Bar. May 11th they rocked the Starlive. May 12th, they performed in the D-22. May 26th, they rocked the 13 Club. June 8th, they performed in the Get Lucky Bar. June 16th they rocked the 13 Club during the 記念家駒 懐念BEYOND音楽会 concert. July 10th, they performed in Beijing Zhongguangcun's 院設計大楼2階大庁 during the 2007北京流行音楽節校園系列 event.

In January 2008, their song The Upset Late Fall was included in the So Rock! Magazine (no. 71). January 27th, they rocked the Mao. May 3rd, they performed in the Mao Livehouse as support band to foreign band 3 Storeys High. August 22nd, they performed at the Olympics Center North Gate during the 夏日領航2009大型音楽季 music festival. October 12th they supported German punk band No Opinion in the Mao.

On January 11th, 2009, their songs Silent Winter and Summer of love were included in the compilation King-Size China 2nd Anniversary (VA).

August 9th 2009, they performed during the InMusic Festival 2009 on the Zhangbei Grasslands on the Stage 2.


On March 12th, they performed at the Mao Live during the Late Nite With TooKoo & Friends gig. According to Beijing Gig Guide: Next up were The Rea­son, who I only stuck around for because the bass player looked strik­ingly like a mem­ber of The Wahas, a local Syd­ney band I’d seen a few times. Their music was com­pletely dif­fer­ent from The Wahas, of course — The Rea­son is a metal band, com­plete with growl­ing lyrics and heavy bass line. I wasn’t a fan, but the crowd was enter­tain­ing enough.[1] On April 9th 2010, they performed at the D-22.[2]


On June 5th, 2011, they performed at the Mao Livehouse. According to Beijing Daze: The Reason, on the other hand, was pretty darn good! Charismatic singer, hyperactive bass player and good guitars/drums. There was the usual howling and barking but there was also a melodic side to them. They’ve been around for a while and it shows, especially when the bass went out and the band improvised for a good 5mn keeping the energy alive while the Mao crew helped fix the problem. This is definitely a band I’ll go watch again, mixing elements of Black Flag, Rancid and even a little Rage Against the Machine. Pretty Good showing![3]

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