The Roadkills

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The Roadkills

The Roadkills, a Chengdu based rock band



Anders Christensen (vocals, guitars)

Dan Evans (drums)

Huang Zhi Kun(bass)


The Roadkills are based in Chengdu, China and formed in 2005. The Roadkills are Anders Christensen (vocals, guitars), Dan Evans (drums) & Huang Zhi Kun(bass); three people with different backgrounds -musically as well as ethnically - representing Sweden, England and China. The Roadkills is a metaphore for the people who get steamrolled by the motorway that is "progress" and commercial values. "We are a band that is not interested in fitting a specific genre or image; we wanna make music that touches on universal vibes and strike s a chord in all of us -- regardless of age or ethnicity. We think good music comes from the heart and appeals to the emotions; the essence not being lost in pretentiousness. We want to write and play songs as a band rather than three individuals indulging in musical masturbation."

Since forming in 2005 we've been working hard to establish ourselves on the chinese rockscene by playing in venues all over China and in April 2006 we played at the Springscream festival in Taiwan. In summer 2006 we did a nationwide tour of China. So far we have recorded two Ep's and we are currently recording the final songs to complete our first full-lengh album. We will be working on putting it in stores in China, Taiwan and eventually Japan.

Our priorities for the near future are to start promoting ourselves in South-East Asia. We're actively looking for festivals in Asia and opportunities to be a supporting act for bands coming through Asia. For the next step we are hoping to get an opportunity to play in Japan.

As for the long term we hope we can get our music out there and play in as many different places as possible. We would like to find a suitable label or publisher that can help us accomplish this. Musically we will strive to keep writing songs that stay true to how we feel about music.

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