The Rumours (Germany)

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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


The Rumours is a Indie Rock artist , originally from Germany.

General information about The Rumours

The Rumours (Germany).jpg

English Name The Rumours
Genre Indie Rock
Origin Germany


Taken from their Last.FM Page:

THE RUMOURS is a newcomer band from Dinslaken (Germany) consisting of four young lads in their early twenties. Their music can be described as a mixture of Indierock and Modern Beat.

Founded in September 2006, THE RUMOURS have been supported by the program “Initiative Musik” with project funds from the German Federal Government by the end of 2009. Only a few month later the boys signed a contract with BMG Rights Management and in June 2010 their debut "From the corner into your ear" was released. Handmade and in your face! It does not rely on bells and whistles and unnecessary bulk, but has got everything that true Indie Rock needs: catchy tunes, one of the best upcoming German drummers, joy of playing and an excellent unique voice. Pounding, expressive, positive! What The Strokes are for USA...are The Rumours for Germany!

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