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The Samans is a Industrial Metal, Metal, Alternative Metal artist in Changchun, originally from Changchun.

General information about The Samans


English Name The Samans
Chinese Name 萨满 / sà mǎn
Genre Industrial Metal, Metal, Alternative Metal
Origin / Present city Changchun / Changchun
Founded in 2006
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Band members

Lifu Wang (王利夫) - Lead Vocal/Songwriter
Yaxin Gao (高亚鑫) - Program/Samples
Zhichao Ren (任智超) - Guitar
Xiaoyu Zhai (翟晓宇) - Guitar
Ji Qi (齐骥) -Bass

Former band members


The Samans (Simplified Chinese: 萨满) is an Chinese Industrial Metal/Folk Metal band formed in 2006. All five current members are from Manchuria and Inner Mongolia where shamanic activities are important in people’s daily life. However, the band refused to use the common English form Shaman because native Tungusic speakers don’t pronounce it that way. The debut EP Weltreich was released on 24th Oct 2009.[1]




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