The other two comrades

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Photo taken by Yoshito Katori

The other two comrades (另外两位同志)



Guitar & Main Sound Production - Huan Qing(欢庆)

Bass & Assistant Sound Production - Li Kun (李琨)

Drums - Yu Men (雨门)


The other comrade's experimental exlectronic music style tries to develop the music and wants to reach another kind of sound. They understand very well when to distort their music, when to switch and how to confuse in order to achieve what they want to express.


  • The other two comrades + Yan Jun – Live in Guangzhou and Hangzhou (with Huan Qing and Chen Zhipeng, Sub Jam, 2004)
  • The other two comrades - 2001
  • Convex-Concave (凸凹) - 2000