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Thin Man in 2004
Thin Man in 2004

Background Information
Name (English) Thin Man
Name (Chn.) 瘦人 / Shou Ren
Origin Shandong Province, now Beijing
Genre Alternative rock
Years active 1993
Lead vocal: Dai Qin

Guitar: Guo Zhiyong (ex-Tomahawk)

Bass player: San Er

Drummer: Wang Lan (Overload, Yan)

Guitar player: Fu Ning (Yan, The Face)

Former members
Lead vocal: Hong Zhengguo (aka Hong Guo) (1993-1997)

Guitar: Xiao Yi (1994-1995)

Drummer: Guan Fei (1994-1995)



Formed October 1993 in Shandong, by then-lead vocalist Hong Zhengguo and then-bassist Dai Qin.

Settling in Beijing a year later, they add guitarist Xiao Yi and drummer Guan Fei to solidify the lineup.

Their hard hitting, grungy sound was relatively new in China at the time. During this period, Dai Qin sang backing vocals.

They were featured on two compilation albums: Yaogun Xianfeng (Rock Pioneers) and Rock Beijing II, in 1994.

In 1995, Xiao Yi and Guan Fei leave the band. Guo Zhiyong joins on guitar, and Wang Lan on drums

In 1997, vocalist Hong Guo leaves. Bassist Dai Qin would step up as frontman. Now with Dai Qin as lead vocalist, a new bassist, San Er is added. Fu Ning also joins the band as second guitarist. At the same time, the band begins recording their debut album.

Releasing their first Album Thin Man 1 in August 1999, Thin Man soon merged to one of the most famous rock bands of China, as they had the chance to attend two times the Fuji Rock Festival in 2000 and 2001. The album went on to sell over 100,000 copies in the first three months.[1]

They released a live VCD named Hope in January 2002.

They released their second album named Beijing Dream in July 2002.

2003, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2003.

May 1st-4th, 2006, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2006.

April 2007, a song of theirs is included in So Rock! Magazine (no. 62).

Participant of the Strawberry Music Festival 2009.

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