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Tian Yuan
In Hopscotch MV A wishful way

Tian Yuan (Chinese: 田原; born 30 March 1985) is a Chinese singer-songwriter, actress, novelist and photographer. Born in Wuhan, China, she majored in English at Beijing Language and Culture University, and graduated in 2007.


Music career

At age of only 16, she joined local band Hopscotch as vocal and song writer. The band was signed under to major label Modernsky in 2002, and released their first English-language album that year, titled A Wishful Way. The album was influenced by trip-hop and indie rock, and well received by some critics and general public in China due to its fresh sound. Tian Yuan's singing career paused temporarily when a contract dispute occurred between her and Modersky. Tian Yuan is now recording her first solo album under a new label, Dong Music.

Writing career

In 2002, Tian released her first novel Zebra Woods, which was translated into french and published in France. In May 2007, Tian Yuan released her second novel Double Mono(双生水莽), a novel about love, youth and self-discovery. In June 2009, 水の彼方, the Japanese version of "Double Mono" will be published by Kodansha(株式会社講談社)in Japan.

Acting career

Tian's acting debut was in the Hong Kong film Butterfly, which she starred as a lesbian singer, alongside Josie Ho. Her performance won an award as the Best New Performer at the 24th Hong Kong Film Award.



Year Title Director Additional Information
2004 Butterfly (蝴蝶) Yan Yan Mak
  • Won Best New Performer at the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards
  • Nominated for Best New Performer at the 42nd Golden Horse Awards
  • In competition of 2004 Venice Film Festival
2005 The Curse of Lola (詛咒) 李虹 In competition of 2005 Tokyo International Film Festival
2006 August Story (八月的故事) Yan Yan Mak
  • Won Best Feature Film of 2006 Tainan Film Festival
  • In competition of 2006 Tokyo International Film Festival
  • In competition of 2006 International Film Festival Rotterdam
2006 Luxury Car (江城夏日) Wang Chao Won Un Certain Regard of 2006 Cannes Film Festival
2006 Young and Clueless (青春期) 唐大年 In competition of 2006 Tokyo International Film Festival.
2007 In Love We Trust (左右) Wang Xiaoshuai
  • Won Best Sceenplay of 2008 Berlin International Film Festival
  • Cameo
2007 Fury for Love (怒放) 辛巨擘 In competition of 2007 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival
2007 Shanghai Trance (迷樂上海) David Verbeek
  • In competition of 2008 International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • In competition of 2008 Shanghai International Film Festival
2007 跟你沒完 安戰軍 Post-production
2008 Happy Funeral (六樓后座2家屬謝禮) 黃真真 The sequel of Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat
2008 高興 劉曉光

Short Films

Year Title Director Additional Information
2006 我把初吻獻給誰-條形碼 韓延
2006 Our Ten Years (我們的十年) Jia Zhangke Short film of Southern Metropolis Daily
2007 中國式美麗 Jia Zhangke Commercial film of Olay
2007 尋找沙漠中的美人魚 黎光

Music Videos

Year Title Director Additional Information
2005 I See You Yan Yan Mak Butterfly's DVD
2005 諾言 陳家煒, 單曉帆
2006 So Poetic Yan Yan Mak
2007 白色呼吸 周琪
2008 甄洋 for 未来脚踏车(band name)

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