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Udo Hoffman, Foto: de-cn.net

Udo Hoffmann, a German guy and Guru in the chinese Rock scene and a big time supporter of the Jazz scene.

According to some sources, his Chinese name would be 霍吾道 (huò wǔ dào)[1] or also known as 吾道·霍夫曼 (wū dào fū huò fū màn)[2].



His first visit to China lies back in the late 70's and he settled down in Beijing in the 80's. He started the first chinese Jazz Festivals out of which later became the infamous Midi Music Festival. In 1993, he managed to have Cui Jian, Tang Dynasty, Wang Yong and Cobra to perform in Berlin in "Haus der Kulturen der Welt".

He has been working for Midem, DAAD and Goethe Institut during the years and also brought the German Rock legend Udo Lindenberg to China in 2003 ? For many years people also know him as the manager of the Beijing based event company Logistix. In recent years, he initiated the German Pop Festival as part of the giant culture project DuC (Deutschland und China gemeinsam in Bewegung).

Press Quotations

He is a German who speaks fluent Mandarin and has been travelling between Germany and China the past 20 years. He is a music lover and developed a deep insight into both the Chinese and German music industries. He initiated China's first international jazz festival in 1993 and organized several more festivals.

He is now in China for the Pop Music Festival, a showcase of the best examples of German pop for the Chinese people.

He is Udo Hoffmann.

He calls himself Music Grandpa and is committed to music communication and exchange between China and Germany. Today, Music Grandpa joins us in studio, sharing his thoughts about the music industries of these two countries, and his experience of organizing music festivals, as well as his impressions of China.[3]

Having been living in China for nearly two decades, Mr. Hoffmann has always been a dedicated cultural messenger between Germany and China.[4]


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