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Unsafe, or The Unsafe, Beijing Old school punk band


Line Up

Vocals: Zhang Nan (张楠)

Guitar: Fang Zhi Meng (方志猛)

Bass: Han Shuo (韩硕)

Drums: Li Ming (李明)


The Unsafe, 2009/2010

In summer 2002 Zhang Nan (on guitar and vocals) and Li Ming (as drummer) started to play together, then came the bassist Han Shuo and they began to play officially. They recorded a first album called "the UNsafe". Later the guitarist Fan Zhi Meng joined the band and the lineup has been stable since then.

In 2009, the band nearly broke up as several members left then band and it was on a hiatus until a gig in the final weeks of the decade at MAO Live House when a revitalized lineup took the stage after their younger bretheren (Gum Bleed, Misandao, Shochu Legion, among five others) took about 150 of us on a six-hour hell ride through a volitile territory of buzzsaw guitars, thumbtack-gargled vocals and enough adrenaline-fueled anger to stop more than one group of doe-eyed kids dead in their tracks, dispersing them back into the snow-coated safety of Nanluoguxiang from whence they inevitably came.[1]

Festival Appearances




  • X-Music Magazine No. 281

Further information

Articles & Interviews


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