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Yang Yu (chn.: 于阳)


Short Biography

Yu Yang spend his childhood and youth in Germany where he started his own rock magazine at teenage time and doing heavy metal live events. He also help to setup the German record company AFM-Records. He returned to his hometown Beijing in 1996 after high school and kept on doing promotion, websites and graphic design jobs for German record labels and bands.

In 2000 he co-founded the Chinese print periodical Painkiller Magazine with friends and started doing live shows involving both domnestic and international acts. In his spare time he set up the website in 2003 which now is the biggest data base in English about Chinese rock and alternative music.

In course of the following years, he has been asked for help as contact person, translator, project manager or tour manager for various live music events and international culture exchange projects (e.g. with north European countries or Germany). Since 2007, his Painkiller team has become part of the Midi Festival staff, responsible for booking and stage production of international headlining acts. Meanwhile Painkiller kept on doing live concerts with international famous music acts independently or in collaboration with Midi.

In recent years, one of his main focuses in the music industry has shifted onto culture exchange sector, especially with north European countries (see and Germany, conducting projects often in collaboration or on behalf of Midi Festival/Midi School of Music. Since 2011 he has become the official head for foreign affairs at Midi.



1975 - 1986 Childhood in Beijing
1986 - 1989 Wend to Germany with the whole Family. Wend to school and did what kids do.
1990 – 1993 Started listening to rock music, especially heavy metal. Also started doing a magazine of the local school.
1993 – 1996 Started doing my own heavy metal magazine, called Evil Message Mag.

Organized different metal gigs in our small town incl. famous metal bands like Blind Guardian, Crematory, Iced Earth, Nevermore etc. and nation-wide underground band competitions.
Helped at AFM Records in the beginning days.

1996 - 1999 Returned to Beijing and found my own company in data computing and digitalizing documents.

Meanwhile helping German labels in design, layout & web and trying to find a China distribution for releases of these labels.

1999 – 2003 Found the first chn. metal magazine in China with friends as a hobby. Also organizing bigger and smaller metal gigs with mostly chin. bands
2003 – Now Painkiller Mag became professional and one of the leading music press for chn. youth. is also going more active in participating on promotional fields for Midi Festivals, German Esplanade and other international events just as functioning as production team or booking agent for Midi Festivals and others in China.
2003 – Now - A simple info page concept has grown into the biggest info-page about Chinese rock in English language.
2006 - 2008 Manager of the Beijinger thrash metal band Raging Mob|-
2007 - Now has become the official English website for Midi Festivals
2009 – Now stepped back a bit as editor of Painkiller Magazine. Started distanced study in culture and media management at KMM Hamburg., RockCON Culture Exchange and
2009 - Now member of the jury at the annual Midi Music Awards
2009 - Now member on board of foreign affairs department at Midi Festivals.
2010 - Now webmaster of, a new webplattform focusing on all north european cultural events in China
May 2011 manager for mainstage, backstage and hosbitality of Kama Love Music Festival 2011
May 2012
August 2012 conducting two culture exchange projects to help Chinese artists like Dadawa and metal bands such as Suffocated, Yaksa and The Falling to performan on German Festivals, project manager on behalf of Midi Productions in collaboration with Chinese Ministry of Culture
November 2012
  • conducting on a show case program in collaboration with Midi's Korean partner Greenplugged to have Army of Jade Kirin, NewTank and Multi-Ego to participate on MU:CON (music conference and band show case events) in Seoul. See: 3x Chinese Bands on MU:CON 2012
  • music industry specific translation for famous US mastering studio SterlingSound on their Beijing visit and meetings with Chinese producers and label companies, including a lecture at CUC on subject mastering.
  • as speaker on a lecture in PKU for UK music management students about Chinese rock and "New Music"
  • prepared the speech script and ppt for Mr. Zhang Fan's speech on the "Round Table Meeting" organized by Chinese Culture Ministry about EU-China Culture Collaborations.

Other Activities

Helping others on many fields:

  • Webs:,, online stuff for both Chinese and European Friends
  • helping chn. bands like Suffocated, Hades, Raging Mob etc. get their music produced in Germany
  • helping oversea peaple to get more contact in China for their ideas (to do a tour, to join a band, to find a venue, doing documentary, film, book, marketing research, print shirts or flyers etc.)
  • license deals for European bands like Obscenity or Hatesphere to be released in China
  • translation for (Abigail Washburn) at press meetings and interviews on radio stations and online TV shows in Beijing
  • translation for (Marie Batchelder) for interviews and rehearsals with Chinese chamber musicians and rock band in Beijing.
  • on behalf of the record label KKP ( to do a marketing presentation for AIM and buissness people of the british music industry.
  • speaker and member of the 1st deligation of chn. music media to attend the 2007 PopKomm Forums in Berlin, doing presentations about chn. underground music and heavy metal.

BTW, this was the first design of our logo:

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