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V-Band, pop rock band


Vocals/Acoustic Guitar: 宋清淼

Guitar: Guo Xu (郭旭)

Guitar: Wang Xiaonan (王霄南)

Bass: Jiang Lei (姜磊)

Drums: Zhang Qiang (张强)


Established in May 2006, the pop rock styled V-BAND is one of the new force. Band members have deep music accomplishments and the solid technical foundation of basic skills. Previously known as "Guess", after diverse line up changes renamed to "V-BAND". The music of V-BAND is filled with formidable and inspirational strength, underlined by exquisite atmospheric melodies, enriched with strong feel of great rhythm, elegant placed effects mold into a sonorous perfect whole. V-BAND believe that all difficulties will become the legend of their lifes while stepping more and more closer to the final success.


  • Phone: 13733813739
  • EMAIL:songqingmiao123@sina.com

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