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Wang Fan, photo by subjam

Wang Fan (王凡), pioneer of china's experimental/improvised music. sound designer, sonic explorer, multi-genre composer and a talented singer.



Wang Fan is pioneer of china’s experimental/improvised music, sound designer, sonic explorer, werful noise maker, minimalist/maximalist, multi-genre composer and a talented singer. He was born in 1970 in Lanzhou and relocated to Beijing in 1996. He is a self taught, religion/tradition oriented (buddhism and other oriental religions) and non-stoped musician.

In 1996, the pioneering experimental musician Wang Fan decided to move from Lanzhou to Beijing in the hope of finding artists with the same ideas and goals as himself, or at least musicians who were able to share his ideas and understand and perform his works. In Lanzhou, he only encountered musicians playing blues or thrash metal. The most radical acts on the music scene were bands covering Radiohead songs, and only one person knew the name of the American experimental musician John Zorn. However, it turned out that Beijing was not overrun with the “weird” people he was looking for either. Wang Fan spent the following year alone in a friend’s suburban apartment. There he created music with a guitar with loose strings, coca-cola cans, a television set and a household tape recorder. At that time he did not know of any other people who made music like this, so he invented his own way of playing. Both solitude and a sense of the mystical were necessary elements for the creation of his 40-minute long work Dharma's Crossing, which was regarded as the first experimental music work in China.[1]

He released 3 masterpieces for Chinese new music:
Sound Of Meditation Within The Body (Sub Jam/Origin, 2001)
Infinite Loops (Adopin/Sub Jam, 2003)
Five Primary Elements (KwanYin Records/Adopin, 2006)

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