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Wang Yong (王勇)

wang yong is a gu zheng player/composer. he currently leads a big band called the wang yong is something like yo-yo ma's silk road project. he played gu zheng in one of cui jian's old bands as well as played keyboards in many bands including the seminal chinese progressive hard rock band tang dynasty.

i think when he was in england a few years ago he jammed - playing guzheng- with the orb and the asian dub foundation.

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Wang Yong has had to do with music from childhood. Under the strict guidance of his father and some of the teachers he had become (zither-like instrument vielsaitiges) in his youth, a country known Gu Zheng player. In many music competitions, he won awards, including the cost of a first class for playing traditional Chinese string and wind instruments, the price of the second class of the International Gu Zheng Competition etc. Upon completion of the China Academy of Music, he is since 1987 as a lecturer in the Department of composition of this institution operates. He was, however, not satisfied with the folk music and exploring new forms of music. In the 90s, he experimented extensively, for example, he formed a band, which later merged with another band. Wang Yong also began to take part in performances at home and abroad. Although he started to deal more and more with Western music, however, he held more firmly to traditional Chinese music forms and worked with its rich can operate one on modern Chinese music. 1994 Wang Yong's first CD was released, a harmonious blend of popular Chinese music and modern Western music. Following this, he undertook a major effort to realize a harmonious coexistence of traditional Chinese music, the music of national minorities, jazz, electronic music, and religious music. He always tries to make without losing the characteristics of typical Chinese national culture through his music to a new level. Wang Yong's music has crossed the border of regions and nationalities can with their Diversifiziergung all listeners, Chinese and foreigners, move young and old, deep.

Heaven, earth, man and matter - Theme of the concert of Wang Yong

Wang Yong is represented by the combination of traditional Chinese music with modern music, Chinese culture and China's long history, the world of both the old China and the development of modern China to share it.

He will use various folk instruments, including but not limited gu zheng, pipa, flute, xiao (long flute made of bamboo), dulcimer, drums and tambourine.

The band of Wang Yong has been known far beyond Beijing also. Among the band members include both outstanding traditional folk artists and musicians, the jazz rock, and world music playing.[1]


Beijing's activities in an artist. On June 10, 1964, born in Beijing. In 1972, his father the king of the world Gu Zheng learn from the old. Later, Gu Zheng prominent musicians from the old曹政筝learned. In 1980, the Central Conservatory in附entrance to the famous Gu Zheng musicians from the Gu Zheng learned.

In 1981, Ah-ri斯楽 form a team. In 1983, China Conservatory admission to the Gu Zheng major. Taisei邱from Gu Zheng studied. In February 1987, the Chinese musician as a member of the Philippines delegation赴KI and cultural exchanges. In May, "The first海内outside Gangnam絲竹" Competition first prize and become. In July, the Chinese Academy of Music graduated from the school just留MARI instrumental teachers and the system. After a series of teacher and composer. Later that year, 1st album Peacock flying southeast, and was released. This album is Gu Zheng album.

In 1989, the ADO band support gu zheng keyboardist and, in collaboration with Ken Choi, "we concessionary snow in the ground撒field of points" on Thursday. March Choi Ken赴KI to France as a member of the band, "cloth & Yokoe spring day" rocking music滾Day (rock music festival) participants. In July, 1989 band formed, in charge of the keyboard. Later, the back-up band for Ken Choi's activities are busy, and a few months leavers. In June the ART Cup筝ancient Chinese musical instruments contest in second place and the Ministry of Youth.

1990, "for nitrous luck而唱Association (Asian athletic meet to sing)" to participate in a charity.

In 1991, Choi Ken band as a member of the Hong Kong Academy of Arts Italy莉莎white in the gym to participate in the concert. The same year, work started.

In 1992, announced that "winds瑪拉雅" "China MIDI works Contest" in the second. May of the same year, Hei Bao band's keyboard charge. In October, the band's keyboard served as Tang dynasty.

 1993年2月にはドイツのベルリン世界文化宮へ赴き、に参加する。 In February 1993 in Berlin, Germany to the World Cultural Palace赴KI “中国前衛文化月間” "Chinas avant-garde culture monthly" to participate. 同年、「安魂進行曲」が収録された『 北京揺滾 』が発売となる。 Later that year, "Ahn progressive soul songs" recorded by the Beijing滾swaying, and was released. 5月、南京五台山体育館でコンサートを行う。 In May, Nanjing Wutaishan Gymnasium in concert. 6月には新疆のウルムチ体育館でコンサートを行う。 In June of Xinjiang's Urumqi in the gym to perform a concert. 10月には河北省石家庄体育館でコンサートを行う。 In October of Hebei庄stone house in the gym to perform a concert.

 1994年10月には日本の福岡でコンサートを行う。 October 1994 in Fukuoka in Japan to perform a concert. 12月、香港紅[石勘]体育館で行われた“ 揺滾中国楽勢力 ”に唐朝楽隊のサポートキーボードとして参加した。 In December, Hong Kong Red [stone hunch was held in the gym "comfortable rocking滾China forces" in the Tang dynasty band as a keyboard support participated.

(写真: 王勇跨界嘗試 群星歳末変臉より) (Photo: Isamu Ou跨world嘗試 group 臉strange stars from year-end)  1995年5月には、香港沙田大会堂で行われた“中国南北名家”古筝音楽会に参加した。 May 1995, the Hong Kong Sha Tian cathedral in the "North-South China families" Gu Zheng concert participate.

 1996年1月、 2ndアルバム 『 往生 』を発売する。 In January 1996, 2nd album, to release a fix. 同年、香港で行われた“亜州唱片博覧会”でライブを行った。 The same year, Hong Kong was held "Ajou唱片exhibition" Live. また、香港でThe Landと一緒にライブを行った。 In addition, The Hong Kong Land and live together.

 1997年、“Kunihiko Ryo東京演唱会”にゲストとして参加した。 In 1997, "Kunihiko Ryo Tokyo演唱Council" to participate as a guest. またNHKの依頼によって上海からライブが放送された。 Also commissioned by NHK will be broadcast live from Shanghai.

 その後、北京のライブハウスKEEP IN TOUCH ( 保持聯絡 )を運営し、ロックアーティストに活動の場を与え、王勇は店でオーナー兼エンジニアとして活動する。 Since then, Beijing club with live KEEP IN TOUCH (holding聯絡) operates, rock artists playing field to give the Isamu Ou, the store owner and engineer of activities. ここで、 唐朝楽隊のライブが行われた際には、彼らをバックに随えて「招魂」を演奏していた。 Here in the Tang dynasty live band was held in the backdrop of their preeminent show "招魂" played.

 1999年夏、店を譲渡したため、 KEEP IN TOUCHは消え、それと同時に王勇をライブハウスで見かけることはなくなった。 1999 summer, the store transferred to the KEEP IN TOUCH disappeared, Isamu Ou At the same time, it is no longer a live houses fashion. 同年、イギリスのロンドンで“北京--倫敦之夜”ライブを行った。 Later that year, in London in the United Kingdom "in Beijing - Rondon & Yokoe night" Live. またオランダのアムステルダムで“北京--阿姆斯特丹之夜”ライブを行ったほか、ドイツのケルンでドイツのミュージシャン達とライブを行った。 And the Netherlands in Amsterdam "Beijing - Ah姆斯Dan & Yokoe night special" Live the other, Germany's Cologne in Germany and we live musicians.

1998年5月22日、 KEEP IN TOUCHで 唐朝楽隊 をバックに「招魂」を歌う王勇(撮影:Yoshito Katori) On May 22, 1998, KEEP IN TOUCH band in the Tang dynasty in the background "招魂" sing Isamu Ou (Photo: Yoshito Katori)  2000年、“SXSW2000”ライブに参加した。 In 2000, "SXSW2000" Live to participate. 同年、ドイツのベルリンで行われた“CROSS BORO2000音楽節”に参加したほか、スイスで行われた“Will Sall爵士節”に行われた。 Later that year, held in Berlin, Germany, "CROSS BORO2000 music nodes" joined the other, held in Switzerland "Will Sall爵士clause" to be held. また、“Swatch長城時装秀”ライブを行った。 Also, "when charging Soo Swatch Wall" live. その他、アムステルダム皇家音楽庁でライブを行った。 Other, Amsterdam imperial house Agency live music.

 2001年、『 Mondo 』を発売した。 In 2001, Mondo, was released. 9月、ドイツのベルリンで行われた“柏林亜太芸術周?中国節”に参加した。 September in Berlin, Germany held "Rin Kashiwa Asian Peace art Zhou China clause" to participate. この時は、王勇音楽小組(WANGYONGGROUP)を組織し、「天?地?人?物」という題で、新しい概念を持ちこんだ。 This time, a small group of music Isamu Ou (WANGYONGGROUP) organization, "the heavens earth people, goods," the subject of new concepts持CHIKONDA. その王勇音楽小組のメンバーは、王勇?王曉芳?秦[王奇] (G)?岳浩昆 (B)?張健 (Key)?艾尼瓦爾?劉效松 (Per)?袁波?焦山林?那日森?那仁格日樂(モンゴル族)?陳莎莎?董曉林と、ロック界の大物ばかりである。 SONO Isamu Ou small music group is a member of the Isamu Ou Satoru Ou Hata Yoshi [King odd] (G) (B) 岳Kon Hiroshi Ken Tiyou (Key)艾 vestal virgin tile爾Liu效松 (Per) 袁wave focusing那日forest woods那仁case樂day (Mongolian tribe)莎莎Chen Dong Rin Satoru, rock titans only. この時、 金少剛も、エンジニアとして参加した。 At the same time, money is a bit rigid, as engineers participated. 12月31日、深[土川]で行われた“世界之窓CCTV新年音楽会”に王勇音楽小組として参加した。 On December 31, deep [土川] held in the "World & Yokoe window CCTV New Year concert" Isamu Ou music as a small group participation. 1990年代前半の写真 In the early 1990's photos  王勇は、中国音楽とMIDIの融合を試みただけでなく、そこにロックも取り入れてオリジナルの音楽を作り出した。 Isamu Ou, China attempted fusion of music and MIDI, as well as there can be adopted in the original rock music created. 仏教をテーマにした曲が多いため、全体的に暗く、商業路線から外れているが、ワールドミュージック的分野からしてみれば秀逸な作品を数多く残している。 Buddhist-themed songs due to the overall dark, commercial off-route, but the World Music from the field and it left many brilliant works.

 2002年、アルバム『 Free touching 』が香港のNOISE ASIAより発売となった。 In 2002, album Free touching, which is released from NOISE ASIA Hong Kong. 6月21日、中国児童劇院で“夢天遊池”音楽会を開いた。 June 21, the China Institute in the children's play "dream天遊Pond" opened the concert. この時、王勇音楽小組としてコンサートを行ったが、 艾斯ka爾と韓紅、娜仁其木路がボーカルを担当した。 This time, Isamu Ou music concert as a small group went to the 艾斯ka爾 and韓紅,娜仁其木vocal tract is in charge.

 2003年1月29?30日、世紀劇院で“王勇?跨界2003新春音楽会”を開いた。 In January 2003, 29 30, the Center century drama "Isamu Ou跨world of 2003 New Year concert," opened. この時は王勇音楽小組としてコンサートを行ったが、ボーカルは艾斯ka爾や、娜仁其木路のほか、葉[艸/倍]?丁武?李杰が参加した。 This is Isamu Ou music concert as a small group went to the vocalist is 艾斯ka爾 and娜仁其木tract, and leaves [艸/ times] Ding Ri Take 杰 participated. 3月、王勇音楽小組はハンガリーへ赴き、“ブタペスト民間芸術節”に参加した。 In March, Isamu Ou music to a small group of Hungarian赴KI, "BUTAPESUTO private art clause" to participate. 11月27日、仁倶楽部で行われた“理想不倒,向音楽致敬!”ライブに出演し、「招魂」を演奏した。 November 27, Hitoshi Club held the "ideal不倒, music direction致敬!" Live appearances, "招魂" to play.

 2004年2月1日、北京の北展劇場で行われた新民楽迎春音楽会に、 艾爾肯と共に出演した。 On February 1, 2004, north of Beijing Exhibition held in the new theater folk easy迎春concert, 艾爾肯 with performers. 8月7日、寧夏回族自治区銀川市の賀蘭山の麓で行われた“中国揺滾的光輝道路”大型音楽節に出演した。 August 7, Ningxia Yinchuan city districts賀蘭山foot in the "China-rocking滾bright road" large role in the music section. 11月12日、香港の香港文化中心で香港中楽団と共に“夢天遊池”音楽会を開いた。 November 12, the Hong Kong Cultural Center in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong delegation中楽"dream天遊Pond" opened the concert.

 2005年7月1日、北京工人体育場で行われた“和平的天空-記念世界反法西斯戦争勝利60周年大型演唱会”に参加した。 On July 1, 2005, Beijing worker who Stadium held "peace-firmament - commemorate the World Anti-Western law斯large演唱war victory 60 years," participants.

Gigs ----

Musik Triennale Köln 2000:

Mittwoch, 17. Mai, 20:30 Uhr Stadtgarten

PORTRAIT Claudio Puntin essence of north Claudio Puntin, Klarinette; Gerdur Gunnarsdóttir, Violine, Gesang; Mondo Claudio Puntin, Klarinette; Marcio Doctor, Schlagzeug; Wang Yong, Gu Zheng, Steffen Schorn, Saxophon

Preis: einheitlich DM 28,- Schüler und Studenten 50% Ermäßigung

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