We are together (DVD) (VA)

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General Information

Artist: Various Artists
Title: We are together
The india ocean Relive Benefit Perfomance Little Bar Unplugged Aid
Release Date: 2005, March
Label: Little Bar Records
Type: DVD

Track Listing

  1. Luo You Sheng (You You) - Don't go (不去, bu qu)
  2. Channel Green - Dream (夢, Meng)
  3. T.C.P - Lie to me
  4. Wang Zhi Qiang - More than words
  5. Ju Da Huai Dan Yu Gu Dao Chang - 無題
  6. Proximity Butterfly - It makes no difference
  7. Kuai Le Ji Qi - 雨落成都
  8. Feng Bao - Yesterday's happiness (昨天的幸福, Zuo Tian de XingFu)
  9. Dim Nova - Smoking girl
  10. Ou Bo - 時間
  11. Roshan - 看見[イ尓]的照片我不痛了
  12. Fei Xing de Zhu Yuan - 飛行的祝愿
  13. Yuan Qing - wish you were here
  14. Xiang Dong - 鐘鼓楼
  15. Xiao Zhuo - [才那]威森林
  16. Greenwall - 世界美麗
  17. Cai Yi Lin - 即興


Further Information

  • Live recording of a benefitary concert on January 15th 2005 in Chengdu's Little Bar for the aid of Tsunami victims.
  • Purely accoustic set.
  • No hardcase, but paper case.
  • Yaogun.com Page