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Wu Quan

Wu Quan, sound and visual artist born in Beijing in 1961.



Graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Design of China in 1986, got a Bachelor degree. then he got a job as Lecturer in Beijing Arts and Crafts School for 4 years before he decided to start his art career.

Wu Quan started to create his multi-media art works from 2001. Collaborate with musicians such as Bu Yi Ding (nu-jazz band), FM3 (experimental electronic duo), Yan Jun (sound artist and poet) and Wang Fan (noise maker and minimalist).

He started to create and perform sound art from 2004.

Now he has released two audio-visual work as DVD-R on Kwanyin label in 2005 and 2006.



  • Bu Yi Ding tour guest in Shanghai, Wuhu, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou
  • Bu Yi Ding at Yugongyishan, Beijing
  • Bu Yi Ding at 798, Beijing
  • Wu Wang Wen Dou at Hush!! Full Band Festival, Macao
  • Solo at Sugar Jar, Beijing
  • Germany Night, Beijing
  • Tie Guan Yin at UMWEG ÜBER CHINA Festival, Berlin
  • Waterland Kwanyin, Beijing
  • More Less More project, Beijing
  • Solo at Mini Midi 2007, Beijing
  • Bu Yi Yang post Shanghai, Shanghai


  • Bu Yi Yang Shangbu Nanshan, Shenzhen
  • 12th Kolkata Film Festival, Kolkata
  • Borderline International Film Art Exhibition, Beijing
  • The Third China Independent Film Festival, Nanjing
  • Moscow Biennale, Moscow
  • The Voice Of The Other Shore, Beijing
  • Midi Music Festival, Beijing
  • Dashanzi International Art Festival, Beijing
  • Art Beijing, Beijing
  • Waterland Guanyin Series, Beijing


  • Holland Chinese Festival, Amsterdam
  • Most Electronics, Xiamen
  • Waterland Guanyin Series, Beijing
  • Midi Music Festival, Beijing
  • Dashanzi International Art Festival, Beijing
  • Don’t Break My Core, Shanghai


  • Nuit Blanche Festival (With fm3 and Yan Jun) Paris
  • 1000 Revolutions Per Second (with Tan Jun), Brussels
  • Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai
  • 2pi Music Festival, Hangzhou
  • Dashanzi International Art Festival, Beijing
  • OUT THE WINDOW (China, Japan, and South Korea multimedia art unites exhibition), Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing

Participated Festivals


  • The Microwave DVD - 2006, March

Further Information

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