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Xiao Meng 小猛

Xiao Meng (小猛), a indie folk singer and song writer in Beijing


Born in 1983 and came to Beijing for studies in 2002. In 2007 formed The Mirrow 镜子乐队. Participated on 2008 Shanghai International Music Instrument and Equipment Exhibition and performed on the show case for the Guitar brand Sunsmile. In 2009, his song "In Rain" 雨中 appeared on the label compilation of Tiny Salt Music 微薄之盐厂牌 where after he wend on a whole China tour with label mates, the Quick Sketch Through Music Tour 速写穿乐全国巡演. In May the sam year, he performed on Ditan Park Folk Music Festival 地坛公园民谣音乐节.

taken from beijinggigguide.com:

Describing himself as drifting in Beijing to make a living, Xiao Meng (小猛) is a folk singer with a big heart. He's been playing music to make his living, replacing regular work, but he's never give up in order to live the life of a musician.

On May 1st, 2010, he performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

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