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West Mountain Old Ghost

Xishan Laoyao (西山老妖), a folk band from Beijing



  • Vocals: Jiang Shilong 姜世隆 (aka Old Ghost 老妖 lao yao)
  • Guitars: Guo Feng 郭峰
  • Bass: Huang Jiyang 黄继扬
  • Drums: Yang Yilang 杨一郎

Former Musician

Accordio: Malika 玛丽卡 (Canada, Lidong) ?


There is always a certain loneliness in their music, the light voice of frontman Laoyao sounds like a silent river passing by, floating in a mourning hope, longing and waiting for a coming spring to warm up the soil that embraces its soul and dreams.

They started performing live since December 2003, went through many indoor gigs and also festivals such as 2007 Midi Festival or Eerduosi Grassland Festival. Both national and international media spread the word about them in form of interviews and broadcasting. Now they are label mates to famous rock icons such as Dou Wei, Zhang Chu and He Yong at Tree Music.

On May 3rd, 2010, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

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