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Yan Band
Yan Band

Background Information
Name (English) Yan
Name (Chn.) 艳, means Glamorous or Colorful / Yan
Origin Beijing
Genre pop/rock
Years active 2003
Vocals: Tang Ping (唐平)

Guitar: Fu Ning (小宁, Thin Man, The Face)

Bass: Li Jian (李剑 or 九君, ex-Second Hand Rose, ex-No, Zheng Jun, Lan Band)

Drums: Wang Lan (王澜, Thin Man, Overload, Lan Band and tons of participation in other bands and projects!!!)



Yan is a quite heavy pop rock band with a slightly melodic metal touch. very nice front girl. Yan has been formed in 2003 and released the self titled debut album the same year. Because the line up consists famous musicians such as female vocalist Tang Ping, drummer Wang Lan and bass player Li Jian, this formation is known to be the 'glamorous dream team' within the Pop/Rock genre of China. The individuality of their music and the dynamic power of their live performance helped them to gain titles of honor in the starting year, such as 'Best New Comer Band of the Year' or 'Best New Comer' etc.

The second album "Surprising. Glamours" (惊。艳) was released around December 2006, matching guitar, bass, drums and vocals onto each other on a perfect level. The go beyond the barriers between Rock and Pop, their hooks more catchy. The creativity of two genders emerged an unique style of songwriting, which led them to a broader ranch of music scala and yet still strong in details.

Participated Festivals



  • "Yan (Yan)" - 2003
  • "Surprising. Glamours" (惊。艳) - 2006

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