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Yellow Rock is an artist management and event promotion agency based in Qingdao, China. Founded in 2008, Yellow Rock focuses attention on the development of China's independent music scene by increasing awareness of events and performers in China.

Yellow Rock has worked with artists including Peter Scherr, Simon Barker, Matt McMahon, Wu Na, Xu Fengxia, Didier Petit, Bandapart, Emil de Waal, Jeff Lang, Sonic Calligraphy, Coco (Zhao Ke), Moses Hazy, Arrows Made of Desire, Dama Llamas, 10, Ziyo, Brubeck Braid, Quinteto Tango Extremo, Nina Margret, and more, as well as with groups including Split Works and Kadenza Art & Media.

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Artists and Groups

Yellow Rock has worked with artists including:

  • Peter Scherr
  • Simon Barker
  • Matt McMahon
  • Wu Na
  • Xu Fengxia
  • Didier Petit
  • Bandapart
  • Emil de Waal
  • Jeff Lang
  • Jenny Scheinman
  • Sonic Calligraphy
  • Coco (Zhao Ke)
  • Moses Hazy
  • Arrows Made of Desire
  • The Dama Llamas
  • 10
  • Ziyo
  • Brubeck Braid
  • Quinteto Tango Extremo
  • Nina Margret
  • Jackie Allen
  • Hans Sturm
  • Michael Kocour
  • Dane Richeson
  • Jim Black
  • Tony Scherr
  • Briggan Krauss
  • Fu Tong / Hello Wei
  • Bones Xiong
  • Qu Rui

Yellow Rock has worked with groups including:

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