You Can Listen, You Can Talk (Carsick Cars)

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General information

You Can Listen, You Can Talk
Artist Carsick Cars
English title You Can Listen, You Can Talk
Publisher Maybe Mars Records
Date of release 2009 exactly on 2009/06/06
Release Type CD
ISRC CN-E33-09-306-00/A-J
Languages on Record Chinese, English
Total Discs 1
Total Tracks 13
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All lyrics written by Zhang Shouwang; arranged by Carsick Cars
Produced, mixed by Wharton Tiers; engineered by Lin Mengyang
Recorded in November 2008 at A-String (Beijing, China); mastered by Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Swans, Nick Cave)
Photography & Art Direction by Jonathan Leijonhufvud; assisted by Liu Shaoming & Wenya
Design & Labour by Passenger Pidgin
Thanks to: Our parents, Maybe Mars, Friends, Everyone who loves us and whom we love
Additional Instrumentation:
Invisible Love (Piano & Slide Guitar by Wharton Tiers, Clarient by Lucifer)
A friend from Big City (Flute by Yang Fan, Violin by Yan Yulong)
Management by Sound Destruction! Contact:

Track Listing

  1. 他们的一员
  2. Dear Friend
  3. 防火墙杀死了我们的猫
  4. Invisible Love
  5. 可怜的人
  6. 一天的尽头
  7. Big City Friend
  8. Kill Tomorrow
  9. Slience
  10. You Can Listen, You Can Talk
  11. She Will Wait


  • (c) Chris P., June 2010
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So wirklich treffend zu beschreiben, was das China-Trio CARSICK CARS auf „You Can Listen You Can Talk“ so treibt, ist fast unmöglich, denn auch wenn man die klanglichen Ejakulate der Jungs grob dem Indie-Rock zuordnen kann, sind sie viel zu freigeistig und verschroben, viel zu eigenwillig und schrullig, als dass ihnen eine banale Kategorisierung gut täte.


FAZIT: CARSICK CARS' Musik wirkt impulsiv und intuitiv, weniger kontrolliert und gesteuert, noch weniger konstruiert – Resultat ist ein bis zur letzten Minute spannendes Album.

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  • (c) Louder Than War,

in late 2011 regular ltw contributor kerry mccarthy mp travelled to china, whilst there she reported on the thriving music scene, particularly in beijing – ltw has previously covered this and were responsible for bringing the ‘beijing punk’ documentary to the uk, the film receiving its premiere at the rebellion festival in summer 2011.

one of the bands kerry mentioned were the now defunct carsick cars – after much searching we finally obtained a copy of their album ‘you can listen, you can talk’ fromtenzenmen records in australia, who have since licensed the album for re-release – tenzenmen records are themselves the subject of future ltw inspection.

carsick cars were one of the most potent chinese underground bands and this their second and final album more than justifies how they were able to travel and perform in both australia and the usa, plus an appearence at primevera 2009, and their continuing legacy, it was whilst they were playing in new york that composer john myers saw them; he was so struck by the band that he began to lobby for wharton tiers (prev. sonic youth, dinosaur jnr, helmet) to produce them – ‘you can listen, you can talk’ is the result of that meeting.

Original post and re-post

  • (c) Bobby Six, January 19th 2012

You might not know a great deal about China's Carsick Cars, so here is a quick history lesson to bring you up to speed. You Can Listen, You Can Talk is the Beijing band's second album – following their debut Panda Noise – and arrives on the back of their recent debut tour of this country. Produced by legendary producer Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Helmet, Dinosaur, Jr), the album, which mixes English and Chinese lyrics and song titles, shows off the writing skills of frontman Zhang Shouwang in that it offers a complex combination of delicate, shimmering songs with exciting, almost chaotic eruptions of noise.

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Further Information

  • In July 2009, You Can Listen, You Can Talk was awarded as one of the Top 10 albums of the summer at the Chinese Music Media Awards [1]
  • In the booklet of the CD, 4 square stickers are added with the CD's cover in the colours yellow, blue, light purple and green.
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