Your Favorite Enemies China Tour 2011

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Your Favorite Enemies China Tour 2011

Your Favorite Enemies (Canada) are going on an extending 14 piece China tour!


General Information

Date: April 30th - May 21st 2011

Organizer: Hopeful Tragedy Records (Canada)

Website: YFE Douban Site
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, Official YFE Website


  • April 30th,Sat., Chengdu, 成都热波音乐节 Chengdu Zebra Music Festival
  • May 2nd,Mon., Beijing, Beijing Midi Music Festival 2011, 6.40 pm
  • May 5th,Thu.,新乡站, Xinxiang, Ark Live House,
  • May 6th,Fri., 郑州站, Zhengzhou, 7 Livehouse
  • May 7th,Sat., 武昌站, Wuhan, VOX
  • May 8th,Sun., Shanghai, Shanghai Midi Festival 2011, 2.40 pm
  • May 12th,Thu.,深圳站,Shenzhen, Red Sugar Jar 红糖罐,
  • May 13th,Fri.,香港站,Hong Kong, Hidden Agenda Live
  • May 14th,Sat.,广州站,Guangzhou, 踢馆酒吧,Ti Guan Bar,
  • May 15th,Sun.,佛山站, Foshan, A-D Livehouse
  • May 18th,Wed.,苏州站,Suzhou, Wave Livehouse
  • May 19th,Thu.,南京站,Nanjing, 61 House
  • May 20th,Fri.,杭州站,Hangzhou, Code Space 酷电酒吧, with The Phoenix Prestige
  • May 21st,Sat.,北京站, Beijing, MAO Live House, with Subs and The On Fires (Australia)

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