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Zafka (Photo by Global Noise Online)

ZHANG Anding (Zafka), 张安定, Sound Artist ※ Experimental Musician



Zafka was born in Hunan, China in 1979. He is now a hyper active member of the Chinese sound art and experimental music scene.

Zafka advocates the political listening of urban soundscapes. In 2005 Zafka started to make sound art in Guangzhou, released his 1st album <12 Hours: Sound Actions for Your Secret Lover>, and co-founded ‘21th Floor’, an art collective with Zhong Mingjie and Lin Zhinyin. While doing field recordings, Zafka also writes columns to analyze the political-economic logics shaping the urban soundscapes. In 2006, he worked as sound designer for artist Cao Fei’s project “What are you doing here”, released CD <Whose Utopia>. His sound art work <When HK Habours London> was selected for Battersea China Power Station exhibition in London in 2006 and also selected by the <Computer Music Journal> Vol 31,2007 DVD.

In 2007, Zafka’s sound installation <Yong◎He> is exhibited in <Disembedding> of Thousand Plateaus Beijing and City-net Asia Biennale (Seoul) in 2007. In the same year, his field recording work based on 3D online virtual world Second Life I.Mirror is released as the v-pod limited version. In 2007 Get It Louder exhibition, he founded the RYC team and initiated the <Shang◎Du Plan> , which aims to move from the political listening of urban soundscapes to the micro-acoustic-geography practices promoting the sound guerrilla of ordinary people. <Shang◎Du Plan> resulted in a series of work around urban sound collection, processing, performance and publication.

In 2008, <Yong◎He> and are re-released in Post Concrete’s PRiCELESS SERiES series. In the same year, Zafka with Zhong Minjie and Linzhiyin joined the “Now In Coming”Qinghai Project, a large art project founded by China-German arts institutions. Their collective work, the sound installation <The Terminator and His World> is exhibited in The Third Guangzhou Triennial. Oct 2008, <First Contact>, the work cooperated with the 3D online virtual worlds HiPiHi’s residents, was performed in 2008 Shanghai eARTS Festival.

Beside the scope of sound art, Zafka also is the long-term member of experimental/improvisation/post-rock band Prague. Prague‘s works has been used as soundtracks for Caofei’s videos <Whose Utopia> and I.Mirror. To explore the possibilities of sound improvisation and instrumental soundscaopes, Zafka with his side projects such as A Lower Summer, The Lowest Summer and The Wedding Beast had concerts at Waterland Kwanyin,D-22 and festivals like 2pi (2006), Midi (2007 and 2008) and Frischzelle/early winds (Germany).

Zakfa is also a researcher and columnist of cyberspace culture, a project member of Creative Commons China Mainland and the co-founder of China Youthology, a boutique company works on brand-youth connection consultancy for marketing, communication, and product design targeting the youth in China market.


2008.10.28 “Make a feint to the east and attack in the west”, Beijing free improvisation alliance concert,Yugong Yishan Club,Beijing,China.

2008.10.18 Zafka <First Contact>, Shanghai eARTS 2008, 'Feng.Shui Omniscience' Outdoor Interdisciplinary Project & Performance.

2008.10.4 Zafka with Prague, The Notch 2008, Yugong Yishan Club,Beijing,China.

2008.... Zafka with "The Wedding Beast", <Noise is Free: minimid 08> alum release party, 2 Kolegas, Beijing, China

2008.5.2: Zafka with "The Wedding Beast", Minimidi2008, 2 Kolegas, Beijing, China

2008.4.21: Zafka with "The Wedding Beast", debut show, 2 Kolegas, Beijing, China

2008.1.9: “Make a feint to the east and attack in the west -- Rends the horizon”, Beijing free improvisation alliance concert,Yugong Yishan Club,Beijing,China.

2007.9: FRISCHZELLE/early winds Festival 2007, Cologne and Düsseldorf, German.

2007.6.26: "I.Mirror" album lunch, 2 Kolegas, Waterland Kwanyin #99,Beijing,China.

2007.4: “The Night For Post Rock”, Prague with Wang Wen,13 Club, Beijing, China.

2006.11.25: 2 Pi Sound Festival, Loft 49,Hangzhou, China

2006.11.7: The Lowest Summer, 2 Kolegas, Beijing, China.

2006.9.7: One Night For Satantango, with 5355 @ One Plus series, D-22, Beijing, China.

2006.7.25: Yong He 雍和, with 5355, 2 Kolegas, Beijing, China.

2006.7.9: Whose Utopia. Universal Studio, Beijing, China.

2006.5.5: 10 Times, with ITTA and Marqido, Guangzhou, China. (As a member of 21floor)

2006.4.11: Osram Musicbox 欧司朗八音盒, the Opening Ceremony of Cao Fei's Siemens Arts Program, Foshan, China.

2005.12.17: Sonic Brouhaha 众声芸说, Gin Yan Club, Guangzhou, China. (As member of 21floor)

Discography (MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK)

1. 2006 <Whose Utopia> http://www.archive.org/details/Zafka_Whose_Utopia_2006

2. 2006 <Yong◎He> http://www.archive.org/details/Zafka-YongHe

3. 2006<When HK Harbours London> http://mediamogul.seas.upenn.edu/pennsound/groups/China/Zafka_When-HongKong-Harbours-London_2006.mp3

4. 2007<i.Mirror> http://www.archive.org/details/Zafka-i.mirror2007

5. 2007 "A.L.S(GIL Soundtrack)" from V.A. <Music For Shopping Malls> http://www.archive.org/details/Zafka-A.l.sgilSoundtrack

6. 2008 "Music For Cafe" from V.A <Music For Museums> http://www.archive.org/details/Zafka-MusicForCafe



  • 2006: <Whose Utopia>
  • 2005: <12 Hours: Sound Actions for Your Secret Lover> (21floor & Prague)
  • 2005: <Le Pont>, as the member of Prague (Prague)
  • 2002: <Printemps>, as the member of Prague (Prague)

Information taken from Chinese New Ear.

Collaborations with others

2008 <Music For Museums> V.A, Support Structure & Kwanyin Records

2008 <Noise is Free: Minimidi 2008> V.A, Creative Commons & Kwanyin Records

2007 <When HK Harbours London> <Computer Music Journal> 2007 DVD

2007 <Contemporary Chinese Experimental Music> V.A, UBU Web

2007 <Music For Shopping Malls> V.A, British Council & Kwanyin Records


2008 <The Terminator and His World>, with Zhong Minjie, Lin Zhiying, The Third Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou, China.

2007 "Yong◎He - The Magic Street", City-net Asia Biennale, Soul Korean.

2007 "RYC Plan-Shang◎Du", "Blow Up" contemporary art unit, Pingyao International Photography Festival.

2007 "Yong◎He - The Magic Street", A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Beijing.

2007 "RYC Plan - Shang◎Du", Get It Louder, Beijing.

2006 "Awakening Battersea",China Power Station part I

Further Information

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