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Zhang Fan

Zhang Fan, Dean of the Beijing Midi School of Music and organizer of the Midi Music Festival

He was named a hero by the Time Out Team of Beijing, introducing him as

The director of the groundbreaking MIDI School of Music – a school teaching modern music forms, from rock and pop to jazz and Latin music – Zhang Fan is also the man behind the equally groundbreaking MIDI Festival, which started in 1997 and has become China’s biggest annual music festival (see Music, page 80 for details of this month’s festival) and a constant draw for the country’s best bands. A true innovator, and a genuine hero of the Beijing rock scene.[1]


According to an interview with Jon Campbell, When he has sixteen, Zhang Fan fell in love with "Norwegian Wood" (...) "It sounded like a fairytale" (...) "it inspired him to find out more about the artist."[2] and ultimately led to Zhang Fan being associated with rock music.

April 14th 2006, he was interviewed by Rockinchina.com.

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