Zhang Jian

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Zhang Jian

Zhang Jian (张健), a folk song singer and writer from Gansu Province, now in Nanjing

also known as Zhangjian and Band 张健与乐队 or Ugly Doll 丑娃娃 chou wa wa (note: not to be confused with the pop rock band Wang Xin & The Ugly Dolls 王欣与丑娃娃 from Shenzhen!!)


Line Up

  • Vocals, Guitars: Zhang Jian 张健
  • Bass: Zhao Bo 赵博
  • Drums: Wei Xing 魏星
  • Keyboards: Wu Jie 吴劫
  • Guitars: Zhao Xiang 赵翔


Band leader Zhang Jian is from Gansu Province but now living in Nanjing.

Festival Participation

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