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Zhao Muyang in Guangguo Club 2009

Zhao Muyang (赵牧阳), drummer, folk singer and songwriter

a rock legend of the first generation! ex-The Breathing, ex-The Dreaming, ex-Wolf, ex-Red Army, ex-Overload etc.!!!


Zhao Muyang is a legendary figure in China's rock history and his bio is almost a summery of the beginning of Chinese rock. Starting out as a drummer playing for countless famous bands and less influence short lived line ups, either as band member or hired musician for live shows or studio productions, he gained the scene title "Drum King" over the early years of Chinese rock. Later he also started out his own career as folk artist and song writer, playing all kinds of string instruments.

One of the first Chinese punk rockers Chang Kuan 常宽 wend to the north west region China's and brought Zhao Muyang with him back to Beijing to form the band 宝贝兄弟 Precious Brothers together with later famous songwriter and producer Zhang Wening 张卫宁 and the current Tang Dynasty bass player Liao Zhong 顾忠 and another bass player Chen Jin 陈劲 who made quite a name with his earlier bands Red Taenia 红头绳 or Inscets in the Mist 雾气里的昆虫 (both signed to Dadi Records 大地唱片 back then). Via the 'live recording' method Precious Brothers produced an album that even got distributed overseas.

In 1989 both Zhao Muyang and Wei Hua 蔚华 (famous bilingual radio host at China Radio International 中国国际广播电台) joint the new found hard rock band The Breathing 呼吸 and recorded the legendary rock album "Sun Rising" 《太阳升》.

In 1990, Zhao Muyang joint Brothers in Woe 难兄难弟 and participated on the album "Copy" (maybe a coversong album - Yang). Soon after he worked on his solo album "Muyang Roaming". The same year he found the Red Army together with old band mate Chen Jin and release the album "Tired" 《累》, its titel song appeared on the legendary "China Fire I" compilation.

In 1992, he and Dou Wei found China's first dark rock/gothic band The Dreaming and recorded the album "Black Dream" 《黑梦》. The same year, China's first thrash metal band Overload was officially formed by ex-The Breathing guitarist Gao Qi 高旗 where Zhao Muyang joint in and participated on demo songs such as "The broken City" 《破碎的城市》 or "Face down is the man's world" 《低下头是人间》 etc. In Septemper that year, Overload performed on the Beidaihe 10 Years Music agains Desasters Festival. "Face down is the man's world" 《低下头是人间》 appeared on the festival compilation.

In 1993 Overload's trade mark song "Shadows of the Ancestors" appeared on "Rock Beijing I" compilation and caught the wide spread attention of Chinese metal fans. The same year, Zhao Muyang release his 2nd solo album "That moment, that night" 《那一刻、那一夜》. Afterwards he joint Tenggeer's 腾格尔 hard rock band Wolf 苍狼乐队 and their album "Heaven" 《天堂》.

As session and studio musician he helped out, for exsample for No.43 Baojia Street 鲍家街43号 and their 1996'er album "Little Bird" 《小鸟》 or together with ex-The Breathing/Overload band mate Cao Jun 曹钧 to help famous pop/rock start Xu Wei 许巍 to record "Two Days" 《两天》 and "Blue Bird" 《青鸟》

he again participated on Xu Wei's official debut solo album "Somewhere else" 《在别处》, in collaboration with famous producer Zhang Yadong 张亚东, guitar hero Li Yanliang 李延亮 of Overload and ex-The Compass 指南针 bass player Yue Haokun 岳浩昆.

1987 年,常宽去西北把西北鼓王赵牧阳带到北京以后,成立了宝贝兄弟乐队,当时的成员还有张卫宁、现唐朝乐队的贝斯手顾忠、还有最早与大地唱片签约,以“红头绳”、“雾气里的昆虫”闻名国内乐坛的贝司手陈劲。宝贝兄弟乐队用同期录音的方式灌录了第一张唱片,并且还在海外发行。 1989年牧阳和曾任中国国际广播电台英语新闻节目主持人的蔚华加入了The Breathing呼吸乐队,并录制出版了乐队的第一张专辑《太阳升》。 1990年,牧阳加入了难兄难弟乐队出了一张《COPY》专辑。之后他又录制了自己的个人专辑《牧阳流浪》,同年,他与陈劲组建了红色部队,并录制了《累》专辑,并且《累》这首歌被收录于《中国火1》合辑中。 1992年,他与Douwei窦唯的做Dream梦乐队录制发行了《黑梦》专辑,同年正式组建中国第一支激流金属风格的超载乐队,并录制了《破碎的城市》、《低下头是人间》,同年9月乐队参加了北戴河举办的十年减灾义演,其作品《低下头是人间》被盗版收录在该活动的音乐合辑中。 93年“超载”乐队以单曲《祖先的阴影》参与《摇滚北京1》。该单曲为乐队赢得了众多重金属乐迷的喜爱。同年推出了牧阳和全胜的《那一刻、那一夜》专辑。之后加入了腾格尔的苍狼乐队,录制发行了《天堂》专辑。 1996年录制了鲍家街43号乐队的《小鸟》专辑。同年,他受邀与北京著名乐手曹钧、贝斯手刘君利,为许巍录制了《两天》与《青鸟》。 August 1997, after a full year of practice and song arrangements, 1997年8月,经过一年多的潜心创作以及长时间的排练磨合后,他与制作人张亚东、吉它手李延亮(超载),贝斯手岳浩昆(指南针)共同走入录音棚,为许巍录制了首张个人专辑《在别处》。

…… 2007年10月5,雪山音乐节。 2007年10月——,云南过冬 2008年4月10日 参加音乐中国与红河音乐学院的国际音乐交流周 去昆明 2008年4月25 北京新豪运专场 与好朋友李伟 2008年5月1日(?) 迷笛民谣舞台 2008年5月4日 草场地三影堂专场 2008年10月5日 北京迷笛音乐学校演出 2008年10月28日告别父亲 自宁上路 赴《甘 青 陕 川 滇》秋收演出 2008年12月20日京城两个好朋友 2008年年前与陕西发现苦度17年的第2张唱片 12月18日(周四),赵牧阳青岛现场演唱会 2009年 赵牧阳2009“游历四方”- 2月28日 兰州“时间”音乐吧民谣专场 3月6日 青海 西宁城楼LOF T民谣专场 3月14号 西安 大唐芙蓉园弹壳酒吧 3月20号 成都 家吧 3月27号 成都 麻糖 4月4号 昆明 喜吧 4月18日 贵阳; 4月25日 成都马丘比丘; 5.1期间 在成都参加音乐节(暂定); 5月9日 重庆坚果俱乐部 2009年8月2日牧阳 天水 8.7银川街口吧 8月13西宁

On May 1st, 2010, he performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

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