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Zheng Jun in 2005
Zheng Jun in 2005

Background Information
Name (English) Zheng Jun
Name (Chn.) 郑钧 / Zhèng Jūn
Origin Xi'an (now Beijing)
Genre chn. rock
Years active 1993
Vocalist: Zheng Jun 郑钧

Guitar: Xia Yan 夏炎 (Half Minus Seven, ex-The Last Successor)

Bass: Ou Yang 欧阳 (Overload, The Face)

Drums: Diao Lei 刁磊 (Honey Gun, Overload, Spring Autumn)

one of the early rock stars



Zheng Jun is a famous singer of Chinese rock. Originally from Xi'an, he attended university in Hangzhou. His first album, entitled Naked (赤裸裸), was released by Red Star Productions in 1993, and was immediately successful. He later released an album entitled "Third Eye" (第三只眼).

Zheng Jun has also recorded a Chinese language version of Coldplay's song "Yellow", entitled "流星" ("shooting star," pinyin: Liú Xīng). It was included in the soundtrack of the 2001 Taiwanese television series Meteor Garden.

In 2007, Zheng joined the judges' panel of Happy Boys Voice, a sequel to Hunan Satellite Television's Super Girl; a controversy developed over his quarrel with fellow judge Yang Erche Namu over her ranking of a contestant from his hometown of Xi'an.[1]

Participated Festivals



  1. 天下沒有不散的宴席
  2. 我的願望
  3. 路漫漫
  4. 陷阱
  5. 天黑了
  6. 不得安息
  7. 第三只眼
  8. 迷途
  • Naked (赤裸裸) - 1993


Further Information


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