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Location Map of Zhenjiang Midi 2010

Zhenjiang Midi 2010 Location

This year October, Zhenjiang Midi Music Festival 2010 will still take place in the south Chinese town Zhenjiang (镇江)

Location: Jiangsu Prov., Zhenjiang City, Shiyezhou Tourism District 江苏镇江世业洲旅游度假区
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The Festival area is on the very north end of the island, on the North Ring Road between Tuan Jie Wu Zu 团结五组 and He Ping Si Zu 和平四组: The north end of Shiyezhou on Google Maps


Festival Area

Zhenjiang Midi 2010 Festival Area Map.jpg

(click on the picture to enlarge)

  • 1. Shi Ya Zhou North Ring Road
  • 2. Visitor's Parking Place (10 tsd qm)
  • 3. Ticket Booth
  • 4. Lake and river
  • 5. Main Entrances
  • 6. Tang Stage
  • 7. Song Stage
  • 8. Yuan Stage
  • 9. Food Supply
  • 10. Mobile Toilets
  • 11. Health Care Station
  • 12. Washing Areas
  • 13. Bars and Cafes
  • 14. Cellphone power charger
  • 15. Information Center
  • 16. Lost & Found
  • 17. Camping Place
  • 18. Sound & Light Desk
  • 19. Promotional Area
  • 20. Onside Office
  • 21. Festival Admin. Center
  • 22. Artist Canteen
  • 23. Staff Canteen
  • 24. Security Control Center
  • 25. Volunteer Admin. Center
  • 26. Police and Firemen Center
  • 27. Parking Place for Staff
  • 28. Mobile Power Aggregator
  • 29. Market Place
  • 30. Access point for Staff and Traders
  • 31. Exit of the Festival Area
  • 32. Access to the Staff Only Area
  • 33. Access to the Back Stage Area
  • 34. Entrance for Artists/VIPs/Journalists

How to get to Zhenjiang:

By Car:

a) From Zhenjiang Inner City:

Take G055 HuNing Express Highway 沪宁高速 in direction Yangzhou City 扬州 and change onto YangLi Express Highway 扬溧高速 which leads over the Yangtze River on the ShiYe Island, there at the at the RunYang Bridge 润扬大桥 take the DaQiao Park Exit 大桥公园出口.

b) From Yangzhou City:

Take G328 NingTong Express Highway 宁通高速 in direction Zhenjiang 镇江 and change onto YangLi Express Highway 扬溧高速 which leads over the Yangtze River on the ShiYe Island, there at the RunYang Bridge 润扬大桥 take the ShiYe Exit 世业出口.

By Rail:

The rail way to Zhenjiang is the continous line of the Ning-Hu Rail Channel (沪宁铁路, between Nanjing and Shanghai), each day over 170 trains are stopping by Zhenjiang Train Station (镇江火车站) from all part of the nation.

  • From Nanjing: The fastes train type is called Dong-Che-Zu (动车组, dynamic train) which needs about 29min from Nanjing to Zhenjiang, 20RMB for hard seat, 24RMB for soft seat.
    The cheapest train ride is No. 1461, it only takes 5.5RMB to get to Zhenjiang from Nanjing.
  • From Shanghai: The Dong-Che-Zu from Shanghai to Zhenjiang takes about 1h 39min, 73RMB for hard seat, 88RMB for soft seat.
    For the cheapest ride take No. 1462, it takes about 5h 37min for 19RMB from Shanghai to Zhenjiang

to check out tickets click on China Train Ticket Web: http://www.huochepiao.com

By Airway:

There is no airport in Zhenjiang, the best way is to fly to Nanjing Lvkou Airport (南京禄口机场) and take the Airport Shuttle Bus Direct Line (机场大巴专线) to Zhenjiang or go further on the road by taking the Ning Bo Hightway (沪宁高速公路), distance from Nanjing Airport to Ning Bo Hightway is about 30km, from there to Zhenjiang about 60km. (镇江本地没有机场。距离最近的南京禄口机场走沪宁高速公路从南京主线收费站到进镇江市区大约60公里,机场到沪宁高速大约30公里。)

1. Airport Shuttle Bus Direct Line from Nanjing Airport to Zhenjiang (南京禄口机场有直达镇江的机场大巴专线), Ticket 50 RMB, daily available between 1pm - 6:30pm

2. Airport Shuttle Bus Direct Line from Zhenjiang to Nanjing Lvkou Airport, starting at Zhenjiang Gongshui Unified Ticket Selling Point (镇江铁公水联合售票处, 中山东路288号), daily available between 8:50pm - 2:40pm

3. Airport Shuttle Bus Direct Line from Zhenjiang to Nanjing Lvkou Airport, starting at Zhenjiang Jingkou Hotel (机场大巴镇江出发至南京机场,镇江京口饭店出发), daily available between 10:20pm - 3:20pm

You also can go by Taxi, starting with 9RMB from Nanjing plus 2.4RMB/km, in total about 250RMB.

How to get to Midi Festival area:

Midi Shuttle Bus

(迷笛穿梭巴 mi di shen suo ba)

  • operating time: Oct. 1st - 4th, daily 07:30 - 24:00, every 10 min. (or until the bus is fully seated)
  • shuttle route: from Zhenjiang Train Station (北广场2路公交站台 bei guano chang/north square, line 2 bus station) to Midi Festival area, with stopover at Shiye Island Tourism Center.
  • Bus connection from Jiangsu University to Zhenjiang Train Station South Square Subway Station, 5:40 - 22:00, every 5 min. (or until the bus is fully seated)
  • That subway station will be signposted how to get to the Midi Bus (at North Square)
  • The return bus back to Zhenjiang center operates until midnight 24:00, from 20:00 on there will be additional stopovers at Jiangsu University.
  • During the festival, a round tour bus on the island will be available.
  • Ticket price for one way bus ride cost 5 Yuan according to regulations of the city administration.

Staying in Zhenjiang:


During the Festival, a camping area will be opened, this Midi Camp has a capasity for ca. 1000 campers, incl. installations such as running water, shower cabins, Dixi toilets.


  • set up onsite tents on the festival ground is not permitted this year!
  • open fire is not permitted within the camping area
  • dangerous and illegal item such as knifes or drugs are strictly prohibited

The camping area is 18000 sqm big, at its entrance there is a service counter where rental tents are available. The number of available tents are limited, so we recommend to bring your own tent and necessary accesoirs.

Rental Prices for tents and camping places

  • Time span A: Midnight to noon
  • Time span B: Noon to midnight
  • Double Tent + double-side aluminum skin anti-moisture mat: 40 Yuan each night (deposit 100 Yuan)
  • Quadro Tent + double-side aluminum skin anti-moisture mat: 70 Yuan each night (deposit 150 Yuan)
  • (you can buy the tent by adding 10 or 20 Yuan to a 2x nights' rental fee, feel free to ask at the service counter)
  • Sleeping bag: 30 Yuan each night (deposit 50 Yuan)

Rental fees must be paid in advance. You will receive rental cards in different colors for different rental items. Cards will be time stamped when receiving rental items.


The nearest hotels are those next to Jiangsu University: (convinient to take public buses to get onto the Midi Shuttle Bus)

  • Jin-Tai-Yuan Hotel (金泰源酒店), near the back gate (phone: 0511-88796888).
  • College's Expert hostage (校专家楼招待所), within the university (phone: 0511-88780878)
  • there are many other small hotels and hostages around Jiangsu University (see below), mostly between 50RMB - 80RMB each night, but better you bring your own hygiene accesoirs.

small Motels around:

  • 苹果学生公寓 13906107529
  • 非诚勿扰学生公寓 13505288455
  • 沐雨淋风日租房 13952857102 13775532843
  • 琴缘温馨小屋 13952908569
  • 水木大娘 13775361743
  • 优雅居学生公寓 15952896876
  • 有间客栈 13852915809 15805285623
  • 七色空间 13815155403
  • 草屋 15005291606 13861397961
  • 花儿朵朵 15862980600 15951282838
  • 圆梦短租房 13236359523
  • 东风新家园 13952800836
  • 天长地久公寓 13776155222
  • 水木阳光新房出租 15951282838

Hotels in Town:

  • 镇江金鳌苑大酒店 中山西路112号 0511-85229999 0511-85249118
  • 最佳西方酒店(国际饭店)解放路218号 0511-85021888
  • 汉庭快捷酒店(镇江京江店) 解放南路111号 0511-85084666
  • 如家七斗星商旅酒店(镇江中山桥店) 中山东路423号A座 0511-85113777
  • 镇江麦莎速8酒店 京口区中山东路379号0511-85936888
  • 镇江观海楼大酒店 京口区梦溪路4号 临近江苏科技大学 0511-84402117
  • 镇江大酒店 位于火车站广场西侧 0511-85236666
  • 镇江宾馆 中山西路92号 0511-85233888
  • 锦江之星连锁 位于大西路路口 0511-86100666
  • 七十二家房客 位于市梦溪广场 0511-88982333



Food in Zhenjiang

At the Festival: 音乐节现场将会安排各种特色餐饮以及啤酒、西餐、咖啡等,以满足不同乐迷在演出期间的饮食需要。进入场内的乐迷不出场地也可以吃到美食,且价格便宜。


Downtown Zhenjiang: 位于镇江市中心附近的南门大街也是镇江美食的聚集地。其中又以夜市为特色。有烧烤,炸臭豆腐,麻辣烫和大排挡。夜晚各色小吃排挡沿街摆开。好不热闹。




Tourism in Zhenjiang

  • Line 2路: (available 5:40-22:00, waiting time 4-6min.),
    Stops: Train Station (Huo Che Zhan 火车站), Da Shi Kou 大市口, Boxian Park (Bo Xian Gong Yuan 伯先公园), West Station (Xi Zhan 西站), Golden Hill Temple (Jin Shan Si 金山寺)
  • Line 3路: (available 5:40--22:00),
    Stops: Train Station (Huo Che Zhan 火车站), Da Shi Kou 大市口, Tower Hill Park (Bao Ta Shan Gong Yuan 宝塔山公园), Jiangsu University (Jiang Su Da Xue 江苏大学)
  • Line 4路: (available 5:50-22:00),
    Stops: Train Station (Huo Che Zhan 火车站), Da Shi Kou 大市口, Jiao Shan Tourism Area (Jiao Shan Feng Jing Qu 焦山风景区)
  • Line 104路: (available 6:00-18:40, waiting time 7-9min.),
    Stops: Jiao Shan 焦山, Da Shi Kou 大市口, Boxian Park West (Bo Xian Gong Yuan Xi Zhan 伯先公园-西站), Golden Mountain (Jin Shan 金山)
  • Line 123路: (available 7:00-17:45),
    Stops: Golden Mountain (Jin Shan 金山), West Station (Xi Zhan 西站), Train Station (Huo Che Zhan 火车站), Heng Shun Jiang Cu Chang 恒顺酱醋厂, Da Shi Kou 大市口, Gan Lu Si 甘露寺, Jiao Shan 焦山
  • Line 15路: (available 6:00-18:00),
    Stops: Train Station (Huo Che Zhan 火车站), Da Shi Kou Xi Zhan 大市口西站, South Mountain Tourism Area (Nan Shan Feng Jing Qu 南山风景区)